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Michael started his fascination with cars, as many Californians, long before his 16 th birthday. Once he reached his 16 th year, and after helping a classmate complete the restoration of the classmate's 1929 Model A Ford, he purchased a 1931 Model A to begin restoring. This led to a string of experiences with Model A's through his teens and early 20's, owning 2 and working on the restoration of a number of others, as well as participating in many shows and concours events.

Shortly after his 21 st birthday, he bought his first British sportscar, a 1959 Elva Courier. He kept, rebuilt, and rebuilt this car for some 30 years. Eventually, what started as a street/autocross car became a fully dedicated autocross/hillclimb vehicle. He also bought and reassembled, with a college classmate a 1960 Lotus Elite.

Concurrently, he became involved in Sports Car racing. First attending sports car racing events, becoming involved in flag marshalling, and eventually working as a go-fer on the local Triumph dealer's TR4 D Production racecar. Later working up to crew chief for an Elva-Chevrolet Sports Racer driven by Robert "Ready" Davis. This car used a front engine Elva MK 5 chassis mated to a 4 cylinder Chevrolet II engine. After his college career, and while working in the lumber industry in Northern California, he once again began to be involved in sports car racing. Initially, crewing for Butch Gilbert and later building a MGB chassis for Butch.

Eventually, he became involved with Gene Bothello and Corvettes, racing in A Production, this led to many race wins in Regional, Divisional, National, and finally Trans-Am events, culminating in championships in each of these categories. After realizing that the all consuming business of racing at a high professional level, along with the vast sums of money that would be required to continue, the Bothello racing team disbanded in 1980.

At that time Michael purchased his first MGB street car, which he still drives frequently as possible. He continued his career in the lumber business, doing plant engineering, machinery sales, etc until the winding up of that business in the late 1990's. He also continued to dabble in vintage racing, crewing again for Butch Gilbert on a number of his cars over the years as time was available.

Joining the Sacramento Valley MG Car Club became desirable as he realized that many of his sources for MG parts, information and contacts were slipping away. This association led to the next phase of his career. Lawrie Alexander, a prominent local MG aficionado, and proprietor of British Sportscar Center was seeking to replace a departing partner in his business. Michael volunteered, although never having been a professional mechanic. What was initially assumed to be a part time, temporary position lasted for some three years of full time employment. He learned much of the business of auto repair from Lawrie and continued to find the work enjoyable.

Now, affairs have conspired to create the opportunity to branch out into business on our own. Forming Sportscars Ltd. In the winter of 2003-2004.

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